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Zak's Notes

Content & Goals#

My goal with this website is to write down how I do (and think about) things in practice.

It seems to me that there isn't enough intermediate or advanced programming content on the internet. What exists is often buried in a long video course or a book.

Experienced programmers understand that there are many ways to solve a problem and that their first solution typically isn't the best one. That experience discourages them from writing down the solutions they find and are using in practice. What if they advise people incorrectly and end up looking dumb?

I think that those programmers underestimate the sin of omission. It would be better if more people wrote about how they solve their problems. If you solve a problem that takes more than an hour to solve, then write about it! It might seem obvious in hindsight, but clearly the solution wasn't that obvious to you and it wasn't Googleable. The more controversial or debateable your solution, the better!

So my goal here is to focus on intermediate and advanced programming content, but also to actively try to write about things that are less often written about. Not just what I'm doing, but why I'm doing it. What are the different options that I'm familiar with, and why do I choose the one I do? How important is something in the greater context, really?

You may disagree with some of what you read. You could be correct! Tell me! zak@thisdomain.


The typical blog work great if you're writing ephemeral content, but it's a poor choice if what you're writing is effectively documentation. The goal of this website is to document how I work in practice so I'm using docusaurus. If your blog is append-only, then you should organize your content like a blog. If you're updating posts used as others by a reference, then maybe you should consider organizing it like mine.

Interesting ideas#